Welcome to the Young People in Integrative Healthcare - YPIH - Forum

Integrative medicine is based on dialogue. Scientific medicine encounters complementary medical cultures. And the different streams of the latter get to know each other as well. The patients should get the best of all these possibilities and we find ways to chart a map of these fields.

YPIH is an initiative that began with some conferences ECIM 2013, ICIHM 2016, WCIMH 2017. It’s about and by people studying healthcare or doing their first steps in their specific fields. It’s about dialogue.

This forum is an alternative to the facebook discussion group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/124748651483135/ ) to include those who don’t use facebook.

We use facebook as the main communication channel, our page there is https://www.facebook.com/ypih2016/. You will find information with focus on our activities around the WCIMH 2017 conference in Berlin there.

Then there’s the wiki: https://wiki.ypih.info/ - you may even want to add something valuable there.

Or get into a discussion right here.

Please start by introducing yourself in this thread: Please introduce yourselves