Please introduce yourselves

It would be nice if the people in this forum would introduce themselves shortly so that we can get to know each other. It’s easy to misunderstand each other online and it helps to know a bit about each other to prevent that.

I’ll start myself. I’m a resident at the pediatrics of the Filderklinik. This is an anthroposophic hospital in germany. I’ve been interested in anthroposophic medicine for quite a while and together with some very nice persons had the honour to work on the ypih initiative on two international conferences - ICIHM 2016 and WCIMH 2017. I enjoy meeting people and discussing medicine without paradigmatical borders. I’d like to help create places where people can meet in peace to find the best solutions for helping patients in need. The conferences were great opportunities for meeting and striving towards integrative medicine but how to go on now ? So in a discussion with Imane Squalli the idea for a discussion group on facebook came up again.